Microsoft and NBA teaming up

Advertising Age reports that Microsoft and the NBA are getting together to enhance the UX of fans.

Microsoft will provide its cloud computing and artificial intelligence capabilities while the NBA will provide the content.

The aim of the partnership is to deliver a superior and more personalized user experience.

The remarkable aspect of the announcement is the quoting of both Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, and Adam Silver, NBA commissioner.

Such caliber indicates the importance of the deal.

Microsoft Azure will be used to apply machine learning to NBA content in order to deliver a more personalized experience to global fans.

As Silver noted, most global NBA fans will never attend a game in person.

Delivering the next best experience is paramount for the league’s long-term global future.

In essence, a fan in Indonesia will be served a stream of content dependent on his preferences in terms of teams and players.

Artificial intelligence will learn what the fan responds to and deliver more of what increases the fan’s engagement with the NBA digital content.