The Future of The Attention Economy

Kevin Kelly shares his view on what the future of the attention economy holds. Below are my notes. We are producing more and more things, a world of abundance. The one thing that is scarce is our attention, limited to a maximum of 24 hours per day (if you were not to sleep). Currently, aContinue reading “The Future of The Attention Economy”

YouTube launches Shorts

YouTube has announced the launch of Shorts. Shorts are videos with a maximum length of 15 seconds. Sounds familiar? This product has been likened to TikTok. Interestingly this feature has been launched in beta in India. Interesting because India’s government banned TikTok in June following clashes between the Indian and Chinese armies in border regionsContinue reading “YouTube launches Shorts”

The power of an engaged audience

AP News reports on the impact that an appearance on ‘The Rachel Maddow Show‘ has on book sales. The Rachel Maddow Show reaches million of viewers on MSNBC, has over 10 million followers on Twitter and nearly 3 million on Facebook. In short, it has a big audience. But what is important for book publishersContinue reading “The power of an engaged audience”

Twitch benefits from coronavirus lockdown

eMarketer reports that the video viewing platform Twitch has seen traffic rise as people spend more time at home. Estimates for the US market put the number of users for 2020 at 41.5 million. This number is considerably higher than eMarketer’s own February prediction of 37.5 million. YOY growth is predicted to slow down toContinue reading “Twitch benefits from coronavirus lockdown”

Advertising spend on podcasts to skyrocket

According to eMarketer, advertising spend on podcasts is set to pass the $1M mark next year. This figure relates to the US market and follows sustained audience growth over the last few years. The forecast also puts at 20% the level of advertising going to podcasts when compared to digital radio. The growth predicted byContinue reading “Advertising spend on podcasts to skyrocket”

Alibaba needs world influencers to win war

Alibaba is reportedly recruiting influencers outside of China to grow its share of eCommerce. Influencers that sell through live-streaming are a massive feature of the Chinese ecommerce landscape. Alibaba now wants to export and adapt the model internationally. To do so is looking to hire an army of influencers that can sell through AliExpress, itsContinue reading “Alibaba needs world influencers to win war”

Facebook updates policies ahead of 2020 US election

Mark Zuckerberg gave a town hall update during which he tackled the issue of reviewing Facebook’s policies ahead of the 2020 U.S. election. The objective of the review is, in his words, “to connect people to authoritative information about voting, to crackdown on voter suppression and to fight hate speech.” The first change aims atContinue reading “Facebook updates policies ahead of 2020 US election”

In a first, Google impacted by surprise drop in ad revenue

eMarketer has revealed some fascinating news. According to its latest forecast, net US digital ad revenues will decline in absolute terms.  In other words, Google is taking home fewer dollars than the year before. This has never happened since eMarketer started forecasting such a metric. In its estimate, eMarketer puts the figure at $39.58 billionContinue reading “In a first, Google impacted by surprise drop in ad revenue”

Google is Keen for you to share your passion

Google has launched Keen, a competitor to Pinterest. To be precise, Keen was created by Area 120 and PAIR at Google. Area 120 is a ‘workshop for Google’s experimental products’. It’s where Googlers famously spend 20% of their time on passion projects. PAIR is People and AI Research is a team at Google that isContinue reading “Google is Keen for you to share your passion”

The power of new media for distributing a message

Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit, recently made the news. Within the context of protests across the United States, and indeed the world, in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, Alexis resigned from the Reddit board and suggested a black candidate should replace him. Alexis Ohanian was asked by many media types for anContinue reading “The power of new media for distributing a message”