How Facebook can help you call loved ones

Facebook has launched CatchUp. It’s an experimental app aiming at making telephone calls easier. Not in the sense of pressing a button. In the sense that, according to Facebook, the reason people often don’t voice call family and friends is that they don’t know if they are available and they don’t want to disturb. CatchUpContinue reading “How Facebook can help you call loved ones”

WhatsApp payments: Brazilians celebrate as first in the world

WhatsApp has announced that Brazil will be the first country to get its digital payment functionality. Users will now be able to send money to each other or to purchase from local businesses. All from within a WhatsApp chat. Crucially, this payment feature is enabled by Facebook Pay, paving the way for a future ofContinue reading “WhatsApp payments: Brazilians celebrate as first in the world”

Tips on how to generate amazing content

Hamish and Andy are two of the most popular entertainers in Australia. Their career spans nearly two decades in radio and television. During the interview featured in the video below, they share their experience of content ideation and production. These are the main take-aways of the interview: Don’t over-prepare content. Leave room for spontaneity. It’sContinue reading “Tips on how to generate amazing content”

The content of the future will be synthetic

A fascinating presentation by Amy Webb about Emerging Tech Trends for 2020. What captures my imagination in particular is the section about synthetic content production. The trend is towards digital twins. It will become easier and easier to produce a digital copy of yourself (or anyone else for the matter). And not just a singleContinue reading “The content of the future will be synthetic”

This is how the pandemic is impacting streaming

ComScore has released analysis on the performance of data-using media over the last few months. Data usage was already trending up in January and February 2020. Across the board, YOY usage was up 16%. COVID-19 likely caused the further increase seen in March, April and May. Smart TVs, phones and streaming boxes saw the biggestContinue reading “This is how the pandemic is impacting streaming”

Facebook introduces Facebook Shops

Facebook is introducing Facebook Shops. This is a major announcement in light of the struggles that many businesses are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even when, depending on the nation, shops are allowed to re-open, they are likely to be facing restrictions on how to operate. This might mean the inability of having the same footContinue reading “Facebook introduces Facebook Shops”

Instagram, Snapchat leave Facebook behind

eMarketer is forecasting that the COVID-19-influenced growth of social networks will benefit Instagram and Snapchat more than Facebook. The most recent update of the forecast sees Instagram adding more time spent by users than Snapchat while Facebook lags behind. Facebook is still leading with 34 minutes of average daily usage by US users. Instagram is now estimatedContinue reading “Instagram, Snapchat leave Facebook behind”

Rogan moves to Spotify

Major news from the world of podcasting. Joe Rogan is moving to Spotify. From September 1st the podcast will be available on Spotify and all other platforms. From the end of the year though, all the content will be available exclusively on Spotify as part of a licensing deal that The Wall Street Journal reports as beingContinue reading “Rogan moves to Spotify”

The inside story of Instagram

I have just finished reading ‘No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram’ by Sarah Frier. I strongly recommend the book to anyone interested in social media and the impact it has on our lives. It chronicles the genesis and rise of Instagram from a simple app to the cultural juggernaut that it is today. WhatContinue reading “The inside story of Instagram”

Microsoft and NBA teaming up

Advertising Age reports that Microsoft and the NBA are getting together to enhance the UX of fans. Microsoft will provide its cloud computing and artificial intelligence capabilities while the NBA will provide the content. The aim of the partnership is to deliver a superior and more personalized user experience. The remarkable aspect of the announcement is the quoting ofContinue reading “Microsoft and NBA teaming up”