Tips on how to generate amazing content

Hamish and Andy are two of the most popular entertainers in Australia.

Their career spans nearly two decades in radio and television.

During the interview featured in the video below, they share their experience of content ideation and production.

These are the main take-aways of the interview:

Don’t over-prepare content. Leave room for spontaneity. It’s about finding the balance between preparation and leaving enough room for spontaneity.

In every ad break they describe to each other using one sentence what they are going to talk about during the next five minutes of on-air time.

By placing ‘small bets’, you allow the ideas that best resonate to bloossom into big bets.

Otherwise you might stake too much on what seems to be a good idea but turns out not be one.

Don’t publicly state on overly ambitious goal at the beginning. This puts too much pressure on the experiment. Start small and see where the experiment takes you, if anywhere.

Also, the next idea shouldn’t play in the same arena of previously successful ideas. Otherwise you run the risk of the new idea constantly being compared with the old one (and unlikely to be a positive comparison).

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