Google is Keen for you to share your passion

Google has launched Keen, a competitor to Pinterest. To be precise, Keen was created by Area 120 and PAIR at Google. Area 120 is a ‘workshop for Google’s experimental products’. It’s where Googlers famously spend 20% of their time on passion projects. PAIR is People and AI Research is a team at Google that isContinue reading “Google is Keen for you to share your passion”

The power of new media for distributing a message

Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit, recently made the news. Within the context of protests across the United States, and indeed the world, in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, Alexis resigned from the Reddit board and suggested a black candidate should replace him. Alexis Ohanian was asked by many media types for anContinue reading “The power of new media for distributing a message”

Tips on how to generate amazing content

Hamish and Andy are two of the most popular entertainers in Australia. Their career spans nearly two decades in radio and television. During the interview featured in the video below, they share their experience of content ideation and production. These are the main take-aways of the interview: Don’t over-prepare content. Leave room for spontaneity. It’sContinue reading “Tips on how to generate amazing content”

The content of the future will be synthetic

A fascinating presentation by Amy Webb about Emerging Tech Trends for 2020. What captures my imagination in particular is the section about synthetic content production. The trend is towards digital twins. It will become easier and easier to produce a digital copy of yourself (or anyone else for the matter). And not just a singleContinue reading “The content of the future will be synthetic”

Rogan moves to Spotify

Major news from the world of podcasting. Joe Rogan is moving to Spotify. From September 1st the podcast will be available on Spotify and all other platforms. From the end of the year though, all the content will be available exclusively on Spotify as part of a licensing deal that The Wall Street JournalĀ reportsĀ as beingContinue reading “Rogan moves to Spotify”