Twitch benefits from coronavirus lockdown

eMarketer reports that the video viewing platform Twitch has seen traffic rise as people spend more time at home. Estimates for the US market put the number of users for 2020 at 41.5 million. This number is considerably higher than eMarketer’s own February prediction of 37.5 million. YOY growth is predicted to slow down toContinue reading “Twitch benefits from coronavirus lockdown”

This is how the pandemic is impacting streaming

ComScore has released analysis on the performance of data-using media over the last few months. Data usage was already trending up in January and February 2020. Across the board, YOY usage was up 16%. COVID-19 likely caused the further increase seen in March, April and May. Smart TVs, phones and streaming boxes saw the biggestContinue reading “This is how the pandemic is impacting streaming”

The inside story of Instagram

I have just finished reading ‘No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram’ by Sarah Frier. I strongly recommend the book to anyone interested in social media and the impact it has on our lives. It chronicles the genesis and rise of Instagram from a simple app to the cultural juggernaut that it is today. WhatContinue reading “The inside story of Instagram”

Microsoft and NBA teaming up

Advertising Age reports that Microsoft and the NBA are getting together to enhance the UX of fans. Microsoft will provide its cloud computing and artificial intelligence capabilities while the NBA will provide the content. The aim of the partnership is to deliver a superior and more personalized user experience. The remarkable aspect of the announcement is the quoting ofContinue reading “Microsoft and NBA teaming up”

Nreal Light Augmented Reality Glasses Review

Augmented reality is likely to become more pervasive as time goes by. This will have massive implications for the future of marketing and advertising. The technology can disrupt the existing framework of the advertising insutry by providing a more direct link between products and consumers. Then again, this might providing great opportunities for advertisers thatContinue reading “Nreal Light Augmented Reality Glasses Review”