Alibaba needs world influencers to win war

Alibaba is reportedly recruiting influencers outside of China to grow its share of eCommerce.

Influencers that sell through live-streaming are a massive feature of the Chinese ecommerce landscape.

Alibaba now wants to export and adapt the model internationally.

To do so is looking to hire an army of influencers that can sell through AliExpress, its international retail arm.

The reason behind this goal is the current tiny size, by comparison with Alibaba’s presence in China, of its international segment.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, Alibaba intends to recruit 1 million of such international influencers by 2023.

The key is to find people that can sell in a specific language and to a specific culture.

These salespeople would also help to overcome the current lack of trust towards the quality of a lot of products available on AliExpress.

Live-streaming in China is an established way of selling. According to iiMedia Research, $63 billion of goods were sold through the medium in China in 2019.

The one big advantage for Chinese companies is a big market that, broadly, speaks the same language and has a similar culture.

Many other markets, Europe for instance, present more challenges as they are more fragmented both because of language or geographical differences.

The difference in consumer mindset is also a challenge.

Observers note that the Chinese consumer has a keener eye and interest in bargains and is more willing to sit through a 30 minutes sales pitch.

It is yet to be seen if the European or North American consumer behaves in the same way.

Finally, the time spent on mobile phones is much higher for Chinese users, making the transition to consumers of live-streaming much easier.

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